The NHL’s Arizona Coyotes could be locked out of their home arena starting December 20

The NHL’s Arizona Coyotes could be locked out of their home arena starting December 20, if bills aren’t paid Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The Arizona Coyotes could be locked out of their home arena in Glendale if the city council members do not act in the next month. Following the city council’s rejection of the city’s two bond resolutions to finance the team’s facilities costs, many sources in Arizona are anticipating the team to become a player in a National Hockey League lockout that would last through the middle of November. If the players union does opt to strike, games will be postponed indefinitely.

The prospect of playing a shortened season under the NHL’s new CBA is somewhat unclear. According to the Business Times, the Pittsburgh Penguins, who recently organized a meeting with their deputy commissioner Bill Daly, indicated to the reporter that “things are moving slowly.”

Since a February 5 fire broke out at the Arizona Coyotes’ practice facility, Phoenix Gardens, the team has been forced to rent field houses to host practices. The team has also started to locate outposts in Flagstaff, which is closer to their suburban Glendale arena, and has created a website to relay updates and changes to Coyotes fans.

The team did lose a court fight with Glendale over whether the city was owed $30 million for building and operating a practice rink. However, Glendale’s guarantee of the bonds has been appealed and the appellate courts granted a three-month extension of the court’s deadline to make a decision. In a letter sent to Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers on Wednesday, Coyotes’ Chief Operating Officer John Chayka suggested the team may need the city to protect $12 million in escrow to prevent the team from going bankrupt.

City council members expressed frustrations over the repeated extension and indicated they would be willing to hold the Coyotes to a deadline of later this month. “We’re going to take a long hard look at this situation. We’re not going to pussyfoot around,” Weiers told Yahoo Sports. “If we can’t come to a resolution, then we’re going to sit down and review all of the options, but we’re really starting to reach a crossroads now.”

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