Spoof Apologizes to Steve Paddick for Inaccurate Article, Says It’s Not a Response to Recent Events

UPDATE: The Spoof issued an apology to NHS patient Steve Paddick in a statement on Oct. 4.

“This afternoon, 11pm, we were approached by the authorities. They advised that this was not a response to any recent event we might have reported to them but something that had occurred over the course of our newspaper’s column, headlined “Princess Di, ‘The Pregnant French girl, Frank Sinatra, and those condoms at Kew’….During the course of the article, Mr Paddick first mentions a decision taken by the Prince of Wales to proceed with the legal abortion of the first human foetus to be born after a successful artificial insemination by hypodermic needle….Within the next paragraph, Mr Paddick describes a bitter struggle with the nurses and doctors of Islington Hospital during the first three days of Mr Paddick’s first full-term pregnancy that was followed by Ms Paddick passing out during a visit to the Islington Royal Infirmary after five days.’ That is, we think, the closest we come to wishing the happiness and health of Steve Paddick or a pregnancy had not occurred. We suspect the Australian people, for example, would want something more conclusive.”

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