Police suspend Ontario mayor for suggesting woman get a vaccination during her periods

An Ontario mayor who suggested to a woman who was at an Ontario conference of women scientists last month that she change her menstrual cycle by getting a vaccination has been disciplined, a local paper reported Monday.

The Prime Minister’s Office said the incident was “extremely disturbing.”

Mayor Kirk Watson of Sarnia, Ontario, who described himself as a “pro-choice, pro-environment, environmental-health-oriented” mayor, made the comments on Reddit last month. An Ontario teacher, Libby Davies, posted screenshots of the posting to her Twitter account.

Watson told the British Press Association on Monday that he did not mean the comments as serious but was “furious” when they were brought to his attention.

“I spoke to my (City of Sarnia) council yesterday and they have chastised me and I’ve been very conscious of how I’ve been speaking on social media,” Watson said.

Watson said he decided to correct his social media posts after the story was published on Sunday.

“I’ve issued a correction and everyone has been thoroughly chastised for it,” he said.

Councillor Valerie Lentz said a meeting had taken place with Watson that night and the mayor agreed to receive weekly training on workplace relations.

“I take all of these things extremely seriously,” she said. “This is a city of 50,000 people. I don’t want to see a mayor saying these things about our employees to them as they go home at night.”

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