Police arrest 180 gang members in Northern California crackdown

At least 180 people were arrested overnight Thursday by a series of law enforcement forces in California, all of them part of a project aimed at fighting a violent street gang that goes by the name of “Panther Gangster Disciples.”

The sweep targeted a portion of the Los Angeles County city of Watts in addition to Berkeley, San Diego, San Francisco, Stockton, Rohnert Park, Daly City, Los Altos, El Sobrante, Alameda, Chula Vista, as well as small pockets in 10 other cities.

I’ve got new updates on the gang roundup that led to hundreds of arrests in Santa Clara & SF. https://t.co/ZG2zrTgGLN pic.twitter.com/rsvQmR5j6k — Stephanie McCrummen (@stephmccrummen) October 26, 2017

The sweep was particularly aggressive given that some of the 180 people taken into custody were not yet on the radar of law enforcement, a top target of their attention.

The large-scale effort was similar to an operation two years ago that had similarly targeted the gang. Officials said they had no idea the group had grown, or that a huge gang war erupted in May, when police say members were recruiting aggressively — and brutally — to come on board. That feud left one person dead and three injured.

The bulk of the men arrested have been taken into custody on suspicion of being felons in possession of firearms.

Read the full story at the Mercury News.


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