New campaign targets medical director for saying she wants parents to ‘make the decision that’s best for their child’

A new campaign launched on Thursday is targeting a prominent California doctor over her support for mandatory vaccinations.

The Yes on 39 website says it hopes to get more people to pressure the Los Angeles County Medical Director for Health and Environmental Services, Dr. Linda Degman, to reconsider her position.

“Like Dr. Mike Geier, only she goes the extra mile to spread the lie that vaccines cause autism,” the website says.

Dr. Degman gave a speech at a 2015 meeting of the California Naturopathic Association, in which she told attendees, “I want parents to have every opportunity to make the decision that’s best for their child.”

The California Naturopathic Association withdrew Dr. Degman’s membership following an investigation last summer by the Times, which found she had agreed to a settlement in a lawsuit with, a group that has been accused of peddling “alternative” information about vaccinations.

Dr. Degman also came under fire for her diagnosis of a girl who later died of an undiagnosed bacterial meningitis infection.

Since September, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has seen a sharp uptick in cases of measles and confirmed cases of mumps in California, the first time the state has seen large outbreaks of both diseases in close succession since 2014. An estimated 140,000 people in the state could be at risk of contracting measles and about 240,000 at risk of contracting mumps, according to Dr. Gil Chavez, an epidemiologist at the CDC.

In addition to the Times investigation, Dr. Degman has repeatedly appeared on the anti-vaccine network Vaxxed.

A press release obtained by the Times about the new campaign describes Degman as “nothing less than the public health apocalypse.”

“If these fake doctors and spokeswomen had their way, every child would be watched with fear, intolerance and fear,” reads the release. “Every vaccine schedule that doctors do every year, would be revoked. Every child would be dragged through repeated brainwashing campaigns.”

Dr. Degman did not respond to requests for comment.

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