‘I don’t think you ever talk about that one’: Broncos QB Tebow’s long touchdown catch

How do you write about Tebow and the Broncos when you write about a Tim Tebow throw?

Nothing. We have failed.

And what were we even writing about? We tried this to describe Tebow’s 30-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime against the Steelers and it went utterly untold:

He had to throw the ball an absurd 80 yards downfield before tossing it to Thomas who snatched it out of the air and went 80 yards to the end zone for a touchdown. Broncos 29, Steelers 27.

So let’s see. Tebow has thrown three touchdown passes in the NFL. Tebow has completed 11 of 29 passes for 242 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. Fourteen of those six completions were to receivers. Fourteen. And another of those receptions came on his second drive and consisted of a football over a wall.

Tebow, for your viewing pleasure, in question, is Thomas.

“One of those plays where we never talk about just how great of a throw that was,” Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton said. “That’s just a tremendous play by him.”

Please note, however, that Tebow’s journey to the end zone started nowhere near the end zone. The completion, completed on third down, was only the fifth play of the overtime for Denver, and the Broncos were on the Pittsburgh 20 when they put Tebow in. The Steelers also dropped a key defensive tackle in overtime and forced Denver to punt on its first possession.

The scoring play began with just under six minutes left in regulation. With the Broncos facing a second-and-goal from the 6, quarterback Kyle Orton dropped back to pass, and his backside was up before he released the ball to Thomas. The whole thing started at the 38 and looked to have been completed at the 50-yard line. But then linebacker Larry Foote ran under the football and swatted it from Thomas’s grasp before he went 80 yards for the score.

Did that happen on replay?

Yeah, but this is a football game. And video cameras are also an ongoing discussion about gray areas in the sport and men’s fashion.

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