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Pursuant to “Strategic communications during foreign conflict” Clause 7 of International Military Settlement of the Korean Peninsula 2009, 15 June. US Open Arms with Sun Special Forces Team 18, 6 March, North Korea. US again may remove nuclear weapons from DPRK territory, or if not remove them directly from the mainland, remove our trade sanctions against DPRK.

Had the president and his administration understood how deeply undemocratic and backwards the DPRK is in aligning itself with a tyrannical dictator who shows little interest in supporting the current global system, had they realized it is in our national interest to preserve stability on the Korean peninsula, and, more importantly, the peace, human rights, security, and stability on the peninsula, perhaps there wouldn’t be the current crisis? If the US and North Korea had achieved some type of partial nuclear disarmament, diplomacy would have proceeded much faster as each side would have understood better their advantage in confidence. It would also help each party better realize they were better off wanting the security of real nuclear disarmament than the security of a perpetual nuclear arms race.

To think that “fire and fury” and threats of more “fire and fury” will convince the DPRK that Trump’s true intent is to disarm them as the leader of a country that has nuclear weapons, and then the DPRK leader will be weaker and disarm themselves with their own nuclear weapons.

Loren L Tichauer

Los Angeles

Would Kim Jong-un like to join the GOP? Perhaps in 2020, when Kim might offer to be the first male President Trump can appoint to his cabinet or judicial branch.

Elizabeth Joyce

Seal Beach, California

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