Golf’s most famous athletes, comedians and raconteurs talk hitting the links and life on the links

The story behind Charlie Chaplin’s annual visit to Maine remains a mystery. He’s a big fan of Golf, the club members tell me, so it’s no wonder they asked him to play nine holes every year. He has a few days when he can do this. So in May he heads north every year. In September he’s back in New York! Maybe it’s because he’s never far from his script!

Charlie Chaplin playing nine holes at Waterville Golf Club. — Edward Townsend (@edwardfox79) November 15, 2015

Baseball great Yogi Berra was notorious for hitting the links every day, even if it was an extra-inning game. There were also other famous golfers like Bogey and Seve Ballesteros. Yeardley Smith, of Nick and Steve fame, seems to have a golfing kinship with Jimmy Stewart. He must’ve been a big fan of this show.

Yogi Berra hanging out on the range at the N J Endure Golf Club in Chatham. — Mike Burt (@MikeBurtGolf) November 26, 2011

Who’s playing in a league? Ron Goldsmith is teasing Roger Federer.

Ron Goldsmith jokes with Roger Federer on the range. — Michael Bruzzese (@MikeBruzzese) November 21, 2017

[email protected] on the range with great @dalydonac all signed ‘Spokesman for Air’. — Mike Burt (@MikeBruzzese) September 28, 2017

Just lost a bobblehead to some guy I worked with on a project years ago. The guy got a long one of myself. He is a terrible artist. — Odell Beckham Jr (@OBJ_3) November 28, 2017

Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt has actually been born on a golf course. My gracious. Thanks for the record…Mike Sissons — Mike Burt (@MikeBruzzese) November 28, 2017

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