Formula 1: Monaco Grand Prix cut to three days from 2022

Pierre Gasly in action for Monaco during the season

The Monaco Grand Prix will be cut to three days from 2022, Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey says.

Carey said a working group was discussing reducing races to three days to “keep costs in check” and limit the schedule to 24 races.

The move had already been suggested by Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne.

In an interview, Carey said: “Marchionne made the argument that after seven years [in Monaco] you’ve really got to replace it. Now there’s a big committee working on it.”

He added: “The group is in the throes of discussing it, and I’d anticipate it would happen, at some point, that the circuit will be three days.

“It’s not going to happen the next season, but it’s going to happen at some point. The option to reduce it is certainly one we’ve given consideration to.

“Ultimately, it’s up to the promoters but we would look favourably on it.”

In recent years, a number of F1 races have seen their running times increase and a shortened schedule has been one of the measures taken by teams to reduce costs in order to compete.

The cost of staging the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the reasons it is so expensive to host, although the promoters are paid a set sum by the FIA for staging the race which includes building the pit road and turns.

Monaco is one of the hardest circuits to get back to the start of the weekend due to the island’s lush green vegetation

The 2019 Monaco Grand Prix is scheduled to start at 1300 local time on Sunday, 4 June.

Marchionne was non-committal about the move, and said instead that F1 needed to reduce costs by 10%.

He added: “We’ve got to cut costs, there’s no doubt about that. The logical thing to do is keep the number at 24.”

The shift in timings will have no bearing on the season’s title race because Ferrari have won three of the last four races and still trail Mercedes, who finished top of the drivers’ standings for five of the last six seasons.

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