Elizabeth Holmes’ defense rests

Elizabeth Holmes’ defense rested their case yesterday in her fraud trial

They tried to put a new spin on a 2007 email from Holmes that they say is what they call “proof” that her fraudulent conduct stemmed from pressure from hedge fund firms. The defense finally rested their case after 12 days of testimony and closing arguments. Their only remaining witness was a former colleague named Amber Nelle, who worked with Holmes at Theranos. Holmes’ attorney calls her a reliable employee, and says she frequently appeared in emails that support her case.

Read about how the private tech firm lost its billion-dollar valuation:

Story highlights: Holmes’ oldest investor, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, was as suspicious as many of investors including the doctor who reportedly run tests for the US government and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In September 2015, they wrote to the secretary of the US government about their concerns.

Trial highlights: Essentially, Holmes was accused of fraud from day one of the trial.

Late this afternoon, the defense and prosecution are expected to make closing arguments, and the jury will deliberate then.

Where does it go from here? Find out: Watch live here:

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