Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a personalized iPhone case…in the United States

In March 2016, the French brand Omicron Cases was among the first to introduce a customizable hard-shell case for the iPhone 6. Unlike other iPhone cases, those sold by Omicron come in patterns and designs that don’t resemble a person’s iPhone or “take you back to your old life.” Instead, they represent positive daily movements that “make people happy.”

Approximately one year later, the company that makes Omicron Cases—one of the first—is set to become the first to create and sell in the United States a U.S.-specific case. Omicron will launch two collection options starting in the summer for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. Coinciding with Cinco de Mayo, Omicron is known for creating promotional cases that reflect Mexican culture.

“Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that has had a very positive effect on immigrant communities all over the world,” said Armando Varnado, founder and CEO of Omicron Cases. “While most in the U.S. are happy to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, some celebrate with drinking beer or celebrating with tacos and chips and salsa. Omicron will not be participating in this year’s celebrations because the celebration does not represent us and is one that we will not celebrate.”

However, when I tried out both cases last weekend, I did not find any ostentatious or celebratory designs on them. Instead, they allowed me to personalize a specific color scheme while honoring my heritage and my Mexican roots. For me, the most important reason for this to be such a delightful choice of case is that it is a vivid, modern case that almost screams summer.

Omicron’s plans for this summer are far more ambitious than the packaging of a few colorful cases in less than one year. Specifically, as previously noted, the company is launching new collections for the 6, 7, and 8 this summer, as well as a series with each Apple product in fall. In fact, the company is thinking so far ahead, it is even considering merchandise tied to the fall installment.

“We look to put customers in the forefront of everything we do, so we are obviously very proud of the content we are creating and the story we are building,” said Varnado. “So next year, we are considering going beyond tech to create more retail outlets, along with other products like iPhone sleeves and cases that can potentially launch next summer.”

Varnado is already looking ahead to 2020. “This summer, we are making a bold statement with our new iPhone Collection and are looking to create even more products for the future.”

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