Canadian teen creates YouTube series on ‘SoccerTech’

It is said of spoiled kids that there is an absolute law that they will accidentally buy the most elaborate camera for every birthday. How come, then, that Alphonso Davies, son of Canadian parents who lived in Germany before moving back home, was so taken with his first camera that he decided to expand the camera’s range of functions. Davies, now 20, ordered his first mini-camera for the holidays when he was still a kid, but he went overboard, ordering dozens of them and needing them all numbered — a numbering system which he decided to share with the world on Twitter. The Twitter handles for everyone in the Davies family became a major social media hit, and all became part of a new project Alphonso started called “SoccerTech.” Davies used the camera he made so he could gain an appreciation for soccer, and he has now decided to turn it into a public service that will empower students in Vancouver. That project started with a show on TSN to promote #PhilipsAtelier, a campaign to get Philips to donate a fridge to a school in the Pacific Northwest. Davies filmed his NFT series inside the classroom, calling on world soccer stars like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo to try to make an impact.


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