Buying a used car: how much will it cost and what it will cost?

Sometimes the best car goes through a lot of hassle to get to you, but that’s usually because you have to wait a long time for the new one. Once a car is made, it is usually very popular as it has features that are exciting but it will take a while for them to reach the market place. As a result, many owners of the soon-to-be sold cars turn to the used car market.

Used cars are less expensive when compared to new cars but they can cost more in the long run. Before considering buying a used car, think about how you will transport, insure and maintain the vehicle. The main purpose of this article is to help you decide how much you will need to spend and how much you will get for the car when you are done.

The main purpose of this article is to help you decide how much you will need to spend and how much you will get for the car when you are done.

Cost of an Old Car

A used car is normally used for a longer period of time compared to a new car and this is the main reason why it costs more. The longer it takes for a car to get sold, the more the chances that it will damage the tires, the wheel alignment, the air pressure, the suspension and a lot more.

Repair costs

No used car is 100% likely to be functional so you might have to invest in repairs. The biggest repair costs come from fixing those things that are prone to damage that a new car cannot be. One of these is the windshield wipers which can sometimes get damaged by rain and air and also from debris in the road.

Repair costs range from $200 to $500 at a minimum. If you had to fix your car every time there was an issue that required repairs, it would cost you $600 each time.


Stopping and starting your car can definitely cause damage. Heat can damage a car from many different angles and makes it harder to start up. Most people may not realize how hot it can get in a car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says the maximum temperature inside a car can go up to 124 degrees Fahrenheit. When driving through town or even in your driveway, you have to drive very slowly and carefully if you want to keep your car running.

Repair costs for an old car can range from $20 to $70. If you have to pay for repairs twice a year, it will cost you $120 for an old car.

Safety Inspections

Safety inspection is one of the most important things you can do when you are looking at cars. The hazard lights turn on when your car is being started, the electric components are still hooked up and will cause problems if they become damaged. The wiper blades can break off, the suspension could break and the brakes could seize.

It is best to do a full inspection before you decide to purchase a used car. It will save you the trouble and costs of waiting until you’re buying the car before you do.

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