21 cheesy Christmas movies to watch this season

Now that fall is in full swing, I’ve come to the realization that I’m fully up for the holidays. Thanks to my recent viewing of Hocus Pocus, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the classic Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here,” I’m not looking forward to the December chill that comes with the warmth of home cooking and frosty snowflakes.

In anticipation of my next binge session, I’ve compiled a list of the top cheesy Christmas movies, both old and new, for you to indulge in before dining on a hearty turkey or mulled wine this upcoming season.

To be honest, our list wasn’t hard to compile. Several such cheesy movies were already on Netflix — hence my confidence that both classic and modern flicks will satisfy your more experimental tastes.

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By no means does this list have to be enjoyable all year round. It should come with a note to keep it on the shelf and only be watched on those hot days when you’re starving for something a little more delicious.

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